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maka x soul love story chapter 5

Maka raises her hand to Sarah's arm and gently squeezes her wrist, she then puts her hand back down. Sarah suddenly goes white, her wrist snaps out of place and drops the dagger on the ground. "ahhhhhhhhh aghhhhhhhhhhh what the hell! what did you do?" Sarah said falling to the floor holding her wrist, screaming in pain.

Maka lifts her head, her pupils were dilated and her eye color changed from green to black and she says " oops sorry but im going to have to kill you now, Maka says you are going to kill me so bye bye." Maka touches Sarah's forehead and Sarah falls back dead on the ground. Almost instant, Sarah starts bleeding from her eyes, ears and mouth.

Soul steps forward and Maka turns around stopping soul in his tracks. Then kid says "Soul stop she is not Maka anymore. who are you? Why are you in Maka's body?" Kid walks up right next to Soul who is staring at Maka really surprised.

"What are you saying young shinigami? I am Maka im just her other self tee hee, I control her. see when Maka gets super angry and depressed or a little crazy, I come out to protect her. So if you mean no harm to her I suggest you two back off before im forced to kill you." Makami started to stretch and touch her neck. "If you must know, yes i am a completely different being from Maka, i just use her body as a vessel." said Makami already anticipating Kids next question. Kid looks at her then at Soul who was trying to comprehend what was going on, he steps forward and says "What should I call you by?"

"Call me Makami, its the name Maka gave me. I will be leaving now you can have Maka back, I think you both wont harm her because if you do... I'll kill you both, am I clear?" Soul finally gets a grip on reality and then runs to Makami hugging her. "Clear now can I please see Maka?" "Soul let Makami go first so she can change back into our Maka Alburn" said Kid standing next to them both.

Maka suddenly falls to the floor in a sleep like position and slowly opens her eyes that is now the pretty green shade that they all knew and loved. "What happened? the last thing I remember was Sarah putting a dagger to my throat" Maka looked up at them both with a cute and innocent kitty face showing she has no idea what was going on. "Ahem, Maka are you in hurt anywhere?" Kid helps Maka up and gives her a hug.

"im ok Kid, my neck just hurts a little. was I cut by Sarah?" asked Maka still a little worn out from Makami taking over. "Maka let's go back home ok?" said Soul holding out his hand to Maka. Kid looked kind of sad that soul was holding out his hand for Maka and she took it.

(later that night in death city in front of Maka and soul's apartment)

"Well we are home I'll head in first, thanks Kid for helping Maka when I couldn't, your ok dude" with that soul went in feeling a little depressed Kid was more help than him. "Thanks kid you helped me im sorry to be a burden to you and soul" said Maka with a sad face. Kid suddenly pulls Maka close and kisses her very deeply and passionately on the lips. Then they part and Maka blushes and looks at the wall shocked he just kissed her out of the blue.

"Maka you can never be a burden to me, I love you I really do. I'll see you tomorrow at school, bye" with a smile Kid walks away pulling out his skate board heading home. Soul saw the whole thing from the window and he was sad that Maka did not push kid away."damn I shouldn't have left her alone with Kid, at this rate he will steal her from me that means I'll have to make her mine, by force if I have to... no... never by force" said soul heading to his room to change.

Maka is in the kitchen preparing dinner when Soul comes out of his room in his night wear. "hey Maka what's for dinner?" asked Soul leaning on the counter a few feet away from her. "im making some hot dog's tonight, what do you want on them?" said Maka opening a can of chilli. " I want some chili and some cheese, that's it" said Soul getting two plates from the cupboard. "I just realized Our lives are getting a lot difficult-er" said Maka looking down at a pot full of weenies. Soul chuckled "when is our lives never difficult?" They finished dinner and Soul took a bath first. Maka went to read a book as to distract her mind from everything that was happening to her lately.

Maka loved to read, it kept her from being bored all the time. Soul was always buying her books because she always was happy receiving a new book. But Soul started noticing that kid was getting too close to Maka so now she doesn't know what to do. The month after they killed the kishin god Asura, kid had walked every one home constantly, and was constantly checking up on Maka. At DWMA, kid started to spend more time with Maka during class, lunch, and in the library, and throughout the years he seemed to always want to be around her.

" I wonder why I cant stop thinking about Kid, aren't I supposed to be in love with Soul?" Maka thought to her self as she went to eat another chili cheese hot dog. she then realized Soul was looking at her from the hall and she turned to her food.

The next day at school the intercom blares " Maka Alburn, Maka Alburn report to shinigami-sama immediately" the intercom clicks off and Maka gets up from her chair. "I'll go with you I need to talk to my dad anyways" said kid who now stood up and stretches. "not without me I need to ask death about yesterday Kid, so im going along" Soul folds his paper and then Kid snatches it from him shouting "it's not symmetrical!" he folds the paper perfect and gives it to Soul, proud of his perfect symmetry.

"hello everyone, son can you give me and Maka a minuet to talk? You too Soul". Said death-sama. After Kid and Soul exchanged glances they left but stayed out side the doors. "Maka you are not just a meister you are something more, you are possibly stronger than me, Maka you are a monster like no other iv ever seen. you are a dark angle aren't you? well you aren't but Makami is, the madman actually created the perfect weapon. you both work together to survive without even knowing it" Said shinigami-sama serious.

"what do you mean Makami? And im not normal? Monster?" said Maka so confused that she fell to the floor on her knees, trying to keep up an innocent charade. "you both can come out now I know you both never left Soul, Death the Kid" said shinigami-sama with a harsh and stern voice.

"Dad whats going on? Can we some how stop Makami from coming out?" asked Kid who was very concerned about what they had heard. "Death-san I'll do any thing to protect Maka so you better clue us in if you don't mind" said Soul who was very serious. "fine why don't you all take a seat, spirit-san I think you should be here too so come on out you will need to control your daughter when she becomes Makami" said shinigami.

"what do you mean? Dad im not going to turn back into Makami" said Maka standing up almost knocking down her chair. " Maka I love you very much and iv done all I could to keep Makami at bay, but she is too powerful. Look at my back I have a scar caused by Makami I was trying to protect you but I got too close and she attacked." spirit unbuttoned his shirt and showed a scar a few inches long but not very wide. "i know you are aware of her, you know what she is, yet you harbor her inside of you willingly, sometimes you cant even remember things she does" said spirit more stressed.

" dad im so sorry I...i..." Maka fell to the floor, Kid and Soul rushed to her side and then her eyes opened but they were emotionless black color that meant Makami was back. Soul and Kid got up and backed up and then death-sama went over to Makami looking at her. "I guess I was found, but don't worry shinigami I wont kill anyone. im just here living my life in peace but im also trying to find my creator, do you know where he is?"

"im sorry but Makami you can never live in peace, we both know that. and I know you are trying to kill your creator, that's why you live within Maka. because she has a strong but fragile soul. strong so it cant be broken but so fragile that you can take over it" said death-sama now standing just a few inches away.

Makami gets up then swings her arm at death-sama. He stops her attack with one hand and pushes her to the ground with the other. then Spirit tied up Makami and they looked at her with sad eyes. "im sorry but I have to do this" said Spirit who steps toward Makami who now looks scared. A tear rolls down his cheek as he gets closer, truly regretting what he was about to do.
chapter five yay!!!!!!!!!

chapter four ----->[link]

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